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It's a question that more often than not stops people in their tracks. The good old question of, "What do you want in life?" I think it's remise of any individual to simply assume that the response to such question when asked would be the standard, go-to response of, "I want to be happy." Or, "I want to see my loved ones happy and healthy." Or, "I want to be filthy rich!" This question poses an opportunity for a level of deep thinking. And to assume, takes that opportunity away from the individual being asked. 

I personally have a great deal of appreciation for this question. And many more like it. The ones that make you really tilt your head, and raise your vision to stare in to the abyss of that exact moment in time. It is here, that a beautiful silence between the person asking the question, and the person answering it is created. Within this silence, a gift has been exchanged. That gift, is mindfulness. Personally, it's this particular question that really connects me to who I really want to be. The me that makes me smile. Makes my heart skip a beat. And allows me to feel a true sense of freedom on this journey we call life.

If you were to speak to someone who knows me well enough, they would tell you that my passion for meditation and mindfulness practices is extremely strong. My role of Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator at the secondary college I teach at enables me to educate students, and their families in a multitude of ways. And because of this, I feel exceptionally privileged. This wonderful world of education allows me to work with teens, and their parents on expanding their knowledge and understanding of such modalities to enhance their overall sense of wellbeing.

So, I leave you now at the end of this blog, with this very powerful question. My gift to you...a moment to live in the NOW. A moment of mindfulness.
"What do you want in life?"



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