A Single Moment....A Million Thoughts

How often do you find yourself getting lost in your thoughts? I don't mean the mundane, "What am I going to cook for dinner?" kind of thoughts. I'm talking about the thoughts that make you lose track of time. The ones that stir the emotional pot within you.

Many of us live amongst the vast population of people who have sadly lost touch with the golden old saying, "Slow and steady wins the race." We get caught up in the rat race of life, and get stuck in our monotonous ways of living. Routines drive us, and the alarm clock and calendar on our mobile phones have taken control, dictating to us the when, where and how of all we do in our day.

The current climate of life today is most certainly unsettling. However, I honestly do believe there is a silver lining in all of this should we choose to see it. 

A single moment...A million thoughts. It is here, in this very simple 6 word statement, that I believe a beautiful opportunity lies. Whilst we are uncertain of what tomorrow holds, we can take comfort in knowing that our thoughts in the present moment can create treasured and cherished memories.

Let me explain....
Since needing to work remotely from home, I have come to the understanding that making your dining room table your office desk, and working from whatever quiet space you can find in your home as your new found office, is no luxury. The interruptions to my attempts at finding my 'flow' in work are endless. And yes, as much as I love my house as my home, I am not loving it as my temporary place of employment. Sadly, I am also realising that working like this shines light on the fact that there is very little home life / work life balance. 

Why? Well, unlike my life this time last week, when I would wake up, get ready, grab my backpack and handbag, jump in the car, drive to work, and arrive somewhere between 7.15am and 7.30am to start my day.... I now wake up, wash my face and brush my teeth, pop the kettle on, turn on my laptop, make my morning coffee, and then start work. All whilst still being in my pj's. (See...I told you it's no glamorous..!)

But you're still probably sitting there wondering where the silver lining in all of this chit chat is.

When life was "normal," I found my solitude throughout my busy, sometime hectic days, whilst driving to and from work. I put on my favourite tunes, and enjoyed my 'own' time, reviling in the moment alone, knowing for that short, but cherished 15 minute drive, nobody was going to ask anything of me. It was just me, my music, and my thoughts.

Now, life is obviously quite different. Over the past 6 days of official remote working, I have made a promise to myself to go for not one walk, but two. Just like my drive to and from work.
On average, with my headphones on, I have been walking anywhere between 5 - 6km each day. And although the streets of my neighbourhood are becoming as familiar to me as the lines in the back of my hand, I am finding new beauty on every single walk. The monotony of each walk is allowing me to hone in on practicing my mindfulness skills. I purposely look for something beautiful. Something that wows me. Something that makes me smile. Something to be grateful for.  The discovery of such things each day honestly makes my heart sing. And in times like these, this is what we all need. 

So, I challenge you....
Look for the moments in your days from here on that make YOU smile.
Look for the moments in your days that wow YOU.
Look for moments in your day that make YOUR heart sing.
Look for moments in your day that YOU are grateful for.

Remember, a single moment....a million thoughts!
Make it all count..



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