Your Inner Child

Do you remember what your favourite thing to do was when you were little? Perhaps you loved to ride your bike up and down the drive-way, or build a fort. Maybe you loved to play dress up's and be a superhero. 

For me, I have very fond memories of putting on my roller-blades, and scooting around our backyard. And getting creative by playing 'shops' with my brother in the backroom. I remember dancing and feeling free. Choreographing my own little routines and putting on the costumes that mum had spent many, many hours stitching and sequencing. We also had a really big blackboard that dad nailed to the fence under the carport verandah. It is with this special memory that I suppose I can connect who I am today to my past. I became the teacher in the 'classroom' at the young age of 7 or 8. Little did I know at that time those moments would shape who I am as a person today.

Looking back, it is quite obvious that my love for one of my favourite childhood pass time games is still very much today a massive driving force in my life. My passion for teaching and education is something that runs through my veins. And I will forever be grateful for having this understanding as a person on this life long journey.

As we mature and grow, we often forget our roots. We lose touch with our inner child. Life becomes serious, and some of us forget the true meaning of happiness. As an adult, it would be remise and negligent of me to not acknowledge, just like yourself, the many responsibilities I have. However, if we could all use this time now to stop and reflect, if only for a minute, to remember who our inner child is, and reconnect with them again, imagine what that could feel like. Take a deep breathe, close your eyes, and introduce your adult self to your inner child. 

Perhaps, should you dare to be brave enough, you could let your inner child out to play. Jump back on that bike and go for a ride. Plan your next big birthday as a dress up party. Or perhaps build a fort for the children, grand-children, nieces or nephews in your life. Look out for the smiles that will beam across their faces, and the way their eyes light up. And whilst you do this, thank your inner child for bringing back some true, heartfelt happiness in your day too. Thank them for taking you home.



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