It's fair to say that the world right now is a crazy place. Surrounded by uncertainty, and inundated with media reports that's are filled with doom and gloom. In all of this, remember to keep dreaming. When you can keep your dreams in focus, you can make plans. And when you make plans.... Then, you can do! Social distancing and self isolation are only temporary. Your dreams and plans when you get to do them will be life long. 

Many will say that doing this is incredibly hard at the moment. Self isolation only adds to anxiety and depression. And yes, that is very true. It is definitely a very trying time for all of humanity. However each of us will have our own beautiful, unique ways of staying focused. Some days will be harder than others... But we are not alone. It's important to remember to keep active in mind, body and spirit by doing things that make you smile. That make your heart skip a beat. And things that bring you happiness.

Stay focused! We are in this together! 

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