Cherish Moments. Cherished Friendships.

Cherished Moments. Cherish Friendships.

I think it's safe to say that we have all had our fair share of being on what I like to refer to as 'The Friendship Rollercoaster.' You know, that ride of absolute highs, when everything about your friendship group is utterly amazing. And then that high comes to an end, and it is a massive downward high speed crash towards earth, and the friendship has taken a horrible turn for the worst for whatever reason. 

As children, our BFF is the most important person in the whole wide world. They are the last person we want to fight with, make up upset, or lose entirely. The world of friendships can be a tiresome, and confusing part of some young people lives.

As I look back at my life, I cherish the memories I have with my best friend. She truly was, and still is today, someone a hold very close to my heart. When I think about our time together growing up, it brings me true happiness. We experienced so many wonderful things. From sleep over's, playing basketball in her backyard, celebrating milestone birthdays together, talking about boys, and yes....even wagging school on the odd occasion to run to the local fish n' chip shop, and then hang out at her nanna's house whilst we indulged in a delicious newspaper rapped lunch.

Our lives have organically taken different paths. Bobbie and I may not see each other every day now. Or even talk as much as we'd like to over the phone. But we know that the bonds that keeps us together will never be broken. Over the years, we have both formed new, beautiful friendships with other people, and respect each other's new lives. And this is what a true friendship is all about. In our case, distance makes our heart grow fonder.

As a grown woman, I now have a new appreciation for the world of friendships. And in truth, my circle of friends can be classified as quite small. Perhaps even intimate. I have two best friends. My sister's from another mister! My 'wifies,' as we like refer to ourselves. They know me better than I know myself. We pretty much do everything together. We have laughed, cried, consoled, and sometimes even argued our way through many things. Quite frankly though, I wouldn't have it any other way! They have been through the darkest of days with me, and also shared in the happiest, funniest of moments. Life without them is unimaginable.

There is another person in particular, who without him in my life, I think I'd be lost. We see each other every day at work. And ever day brings laughter, an ear-bashing vent, a good old exchange of dad jokes (being funny is not one of me I've been practicing and upping my game a little as of late), a weekly morning session of 'our interpretation' of yoga. And sometimes a shoulder to cry on. I rely on him not only for a helping hand around work, but also as one of my closest friends. Since working remotely from home, he has checked in on me every single day to make sure I am still holding my head up high, and placing one foot in front of the other. It is safe to say, that this person has become a pillar of strength in my life. Someone who I will forever be entirely grateful for.

Navigating friendships can be tricky. But when we find those amazingly special, God-given people in life, don't let them go. You will find an uncanny, soul-like connection to them. Something that you just can't explain or put in to words. All you know is that there aren't enough 'Thank-you's' to say to them that can express what they mean to you.

It is my heartfelt prayer today, especially in this current climate of life, that you can feel the same sense of love and gratitude towards your childhood best friend, sister's from another mister, or pillar of strength that I do. Reach out to them and tell them why they are so special to you. Reach out and tell them that you love them.



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