Cultivating Calm

Cultivating calm during this current climate seems like one of the hardest things any of us could possibly do right now. We're working from home. Educating from home. Exercising at home. And doing everything else in between! It's difficult to find one's inner sense of peace, when our day to day lives are bombarded with updates and breaking news. Yes, it's one thing to stay in the loop. But it's also another thing when your state of calm is compromised.

In one of my recent post's - 'Your Inner Child',' I wrote about getting back in touch with your roots. Finding your inner child, and thinking about the things that make you smile. That make you happy. That make your heart sing. To use this knowledge and understanding as our platform for today's chat, I'd like to raise the following question with you - How do you cultivate calm?

Firstly, let's take this one step back. Let's define what the word calm actually means.
Straight from the Oxford dictionary, as an adjective, calm means; not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other strong emotions. As a noun; the absence of strong emotions: calm feelings. And finally, as a verb; to make (someone) tranquil and quiet: soothe. I think it's fairly safe to say, that if I gave you the opportunity to respond via a survey attached to this blog, those would be the sorts of responses I would be reading through. However, knowing the definition of something is one thing. To actually implement and make something a constant practice in your life through genuine understanding, is a completely different thing.

Life, as most of us know it, is hectic. We get pulled from pillar to post. Our calendars are overflowing. Meeting schedule is always full. And everybody always needs, or wants 'something' from you. So how do you actually cultivate calm in your life amongst all the chaos?

I wish I could say I have the miracle potion to make this feat an easy one. But unfortunately, I don't. Quite possibly, like you, at the end of my days, I wonder, "What exactly have I achieved?" I'll speak to mum on the phone, on most occasions as I sit on the couch to unwind for 30 minutes before heading off to bed to read, and the usual flow of conversation goes something like this.. "So love, how was your day today? What did you do at work?" " was crazy! I barely had time to eat. And yet I feel like I did so much of nothing that's really important." Sadly to say, if I had a dollar for every time I have said this line, I'd be living on my own little private island with a Pina Colada in hand, soaking up the sun.

It's with this realisation, that I have decided to CONSCIOUSLY make a change....AND bring THAT change in to my life. Now, everything I do, I do with purpose. With meaning. With clarity. With a conscious state of mind. And it's with this state of consciousness, that I cultivate calm.

The reality is that I can't meditate for 4 hours a day. Or read my favourites books for hours on end uninterrupted day in day out. (And believe me when I say, that if I could do these things, I would!) What I do however, is maintain a healthy, balanced way of living to the best of my ability. And when I can, I do things that I love. This is the basis of cultivating calm.

Since working remotely from home, I start my day with a yoga session in my lounge room. Just me, my yoga mat, and a Youtube yoga channel of my choice. It helps to relax and focus my mind on my intention for each day, and kick starts my body for a day full of activities. I also use this time when finished for a short meditation. This for me, is vital. This is where I find my true inner balance. 

I'm also going for 2 walks a day. I put my headphones on, listen to my favourite tunes or podcast, and simply enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. I also mentioned this in one of my last blogs, stating how important it is to maintain exercise in your day. The benefits of keeping your body moving go far beyond a trim taut tummy, and nicely shaped behind. Exercise helps increase the release of serotonin, and regulate our emotions. Thus, aiding in finding, and maintaining our inner calm.

And finally, my new venture - Positive Wellbeing Education. Every day, as you can see, I write. This is where I find my flow. It doesn't matter how noisy my house is, I am completely in the zone. Not distracted by my surroundings, I am discovering a new love. My passion for learning and researching has been enhanced through the drive and desire to write. AND I LOVE IT! This is just another way that I cultivate MY calm.

At the end of the day, yes...this is my story. These are my ways to build and sustain my inner sense of calm. It's really important to know, that only you have the answers to how you best cultivate your calm. Just remember though, that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. When you want, or desire something bad enough, you can make it yours. Nothing should supersede your overall state of wellbeing - physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. 

When you have the knowledge, you have the power to make that change.



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