Organisation is the Key to Success

The current climate of today's world is very different to what we are all used to. Working remotely and educating from home are situations that many of us have never been faced with. And these times are challenging. The uncertainty of what lies ahead, alongside these new found challenges can raise anxiety and stress in both adults and children.

As we embark on a school term of homeschooling, reset assure that this unfamiliar space that we are all entering into will soon enough start to feel 'normal.' We will find our 'groove,' and learn to adjust to this new way of living.

To help all of us navigate our way through uncharted territory, here are some essential tips to help keep you focused and on track when working or learning from home.

DESIGNATE A SPACE TO WORK FROM: Within your home, find a place and claim it as your 'work space.' It is from here, that you will conduct your daily business for work, or where you will start to progress through your class content for school. Avoiding working in bedrooms or lounge-rooms. These spaces within your home should be kept for times of relaxation.

KEEP YOUR SPACE NEAT AND TIDY: A messy desk creates a messy mind! It's important to keep your working or learning environment clean and tidy. Make sure that everything has its place. If need be, purchase some desk organisers and label them, so that you can easily access things when you need them, without having to waste time by sifting through a mountain of messy paperwork.

NATURAL LIGHT: Try to find a space to work or learn from that has lots of natural light. Artificial light, or harsh lighting can strain your eyes and make you feel tired.

KEEP TO A ROUTINE: Keeping to a routine, schedule or timetable will help you on stay track. Deviating from your 'usual' path of learning or work will increase the possibility of losing focus and becoming distracted.

WRITE THINGS DOWN: Keep a notepad or notebook on your desk, and use this to help you prioritise your list of things to do. Whether it be attending an online meeting, sending an important email, or finishing off an assessment task, you can tick the item off when completed. By doing this, it will give you a sense of accomplishment, and encourage you take on the next task on your list.

SCHEDULE BREAKS: Taking regular breaks is vital to maintaining positive mental health and work productivity. Be sure to walk away from your work space. Get some fresh air. Have something to eat. Call someone and have a chat. Any of these are a great way to detach mentally, and rest the mind from the constant focus that you are giving to your work or learning.

SET GROUND RULES: If you are sharing your home with others, it's important to set ground rules. Make people aware of your schedule or timetable so that you can be supported with your needs. 

SHARE THE LOAD: For parents who are both now working from home, and have children (of any age) who are needing to be homeschooled, it's important to share the load. Where possible, designate times where one parent can focus on their work without interruptions, whilst the other supports the child/ren in their learning.  By doing this, you will eliminate stress, and create a calm space for all who are working and learning.

SHUT OFF: At the end of every day, close down your electronic devices that you are using to work or learn on, and move away from this space. Go to the areas in your house that you have designated as your 'chill out' zone, and be proud of your wonderful efforts of the day!



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