#StayFocused while learning from home

The current environment that we are all now living in is something that none of us have ever experienced before. Our houses are now places that we refer to as our homes, our offices, and our classrooms.

Yes....it is strange. And sometimes difficult as well. Learning to navigate our way around this new space to continue being the best person we can be, can be confusing. We juggle who we are, and what we are doing in one single environment multiple times a day. 

Normally, our routine of physically going to school would bring us the recognition and understanding that we are about to become 'students' for the day. It puts us in the headspace of acknowledging the fact we need to focus our attention on studying, listening, and being actively engaged participants in ours classes. On the flip side, leaving school at the end of our day, allows us to strip ourselves of being the conscientious student, to then become our relaxed selves at home. Where we can unwind and be with our family.

So to help you bring some clarity to this new way of living, this blog will guide you, and assist you to stay focused whilst continuing your education at home.

Let's take a look at our top six strategies...

1. It's really important to dedicate a space within your home that you consciously refer to as your workspace. Try not to conduct your learning from your bedroom, or lounge room, as these should be the places at the end of your day that you go to relax, and 'switch off' from. Your workspace should be organised. Keep it neat and tidy. Use desk organisers, folders etc. Remember...a messy desk is a messy mind! 

2. Being educated from home means that we are now entering the virtual classroom. So the reality of that brings with it the use of technology. Having a reliable laptop or iPad with a charger is now a necessity.

3. In partnership with having a laptop or iPad, you will also need to have good internet access within your home. Please remember, this way of conducting our learning will bring with it some trial and error. Our experiences on this journey are new! Patience during those 'not so easy' moments will be your best friend. So if you find your learning platform is slow....or even crashing because it's overloaded with 650 other students trying to learn too, stay calm...and be patient. The problem will be resolved.

4. The wonder of the 21st century that we live in brings with it the beauty of convenience. We are able to stay connected virtually via the use of some many great apps. So with the permission of a parent or career, download a safe app that allows you to continue your learning with your friends online. You can ask each other questions about the work you are instructed to complete, and support each other as you would do in the classroom. (Please click the following links to view appropriate apps on advice from the Australian Government eSafety Commissioner:  
FacebookMessenger. HousepartyFace Time. Skype. WhatsApp.

5. The use of earphones or a headset could be very handy. It will help to block out noise from within your house, and minimise distraction, allowing you the opportunity to remain as focused as you can throughout the day.

6. This final strategy of self-discipline,  and having a healthy, productive mindset is vital. And the reality, is that you are the only person who can truly take control of this. After all is said and done, a thousand strategy can be offered to you. Yet if you don't find and grasp the mindset of being productive, and have the self-discipline to remain on task with focus and clarity, then all the other strategies and offers of help will not bring you their full benefits. 
Most certainly give yourself the brain-breaks you. Get some fresh air. Go for a walk. Eat a nutritious lunch with healthy snacks in between. But remember, this is new experience is only temporary. And you are not doing it alone. You are stronger than you think, and more than capable of achieving success whilst learning from home.



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