Letting Go

I'm not too sure about you, but I think these two words are the hardest two words to speak of, and act upon in life.

Letting go of a job. Letting go of a house that was once a home. Letting go of a friendship. Letting go of a child. Letting go of someone you love. Letting go of a relationship. Whatever it may be that you are needing to let go of is never easy.

The journey of loss and grief can be one of heartbreak. It can sometimes be lonely. And more often than not, all too consuming and confusing. Each step is confronting, as we navigate our way through attempting to understand the why's and how's. And it's important to realise that no journey of letting go will be the same as someone else's.

Whilst letting go can sometimes be a painstakingly difficult process, associating it with the opportunity to change and transition to a brand new space can bring some comfort and solace. I have spoken of my belief in other post's, that everything we face in life brings with it an opportunity to grow. To be faced with a lesson to learn is a privilege that many do not have. So in order to truly connect to the moments that come with letting go, try to, at some point, draw your attention and your awareness to what is beyond the physical or obvious realms, and try to open your eyes and heart to the lesson.

The ending of anything in one's life brings with it an overwhelming concoction of emotions and thoughts. It's the starting point of taking a step forward without something, or someone. And embarking on this space can be heartbreaking. However, it's at this point that I would like to introduce you to two new words. Acknowledge and Accept. Now might I add, that to begin with, when the loss of something or someone is fresh, then the words acknowledge and accept are far from being your best friend. If anything, they are the last two words you want to hear. During the initial phase of losing or ending, the emotional pain we feel towards our loss drives our thinking. It spurs us to become angry, cry, feel scared of the unknown, and frustrated. And on most occasions, clouds our judgement, and inhibits our ability to articulate what we are thinking and feeling. 

At some point in our lives, we have all faced the world of loss and grief. Transitioning from a reality that is so familiar to us, to a complete transformation of a world that is totally different. When the realisation of having lost something or someone has kicked in, we find ourselves eventually entering a space of calm. In this space we can breathe a little easier. We find ourselves welcoming the silence, and take comfort in the solitude and peace that the quiet around us brings. In this space, we sit and reflect on what once was, and begin to look forward to what our future may potentially look like. The connections we make to ourselves in this impartial space, offers us the opportunity to truly focus our attention and awareness on the lessons brought forth by our situation and experiences. In this space, with deep reflection, understanding, acknowledgment and acceptance, we begin to look at gratitude in a completely different light. What is it that we can find within our journey to this point that we can whole-heartedly be grateful for?

There is truth in the old saying, "Time heals." It is time that gently nudges you to put one foot in front of the other. It is time that consoles you. And time that helps you to slowly but surely heal. It eventually becomes the light at the end of the tunnel. And it is time that will introduce you to the words acknowledge and accept. When you begin to move forward, and you start to feel the heavy burden and weight of your grief begin to lift, your eyes slowly open back up to the realities of your life. Yes, something or someone who was once there is no longer apart of your physical journey. But they will always walk alongside you in spirit. They will forever live on in your heart. And the memories of them, or the job that you've known since graduation, or the house that was all you ever knew since you were a child, will continue to journey with you in your memories.

I encourage to try to embrace the act of letting go as an opportunity given to you in life, as a moment for your soul to grow. Look directly at the pain loss brings, and challenge it to make you a better person. Ask it to help you understand that every step you take allows you to be who you are truly meant to be. I remind you to keep your eyes opens, because be it small or grand, your life will forever be filled with beauty and wonder. My personal journey in this space has most certainly helped me to be the person that I am today. It is my journey that I give sincere, heart-felt gratitude to. So when you are ready, gently and freely give yourself permission to do the same.



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