The Journey Inside You

Life truly is wondrous. It is what I like to refer to as a beautiful mess, filled with life changing adventures. With each adventure, we create memories. Some of them makes us smile. Some of them makes us cry. Some of them make us wish for more. Some make us long and yearn. And some break our hearts. But each moment in every adventure teaches us something. Regardless of how big or small, there is a lesson to be learnt in everything.

We all have our own, magnificent, unique story. One that continues to carve the way for a journey that is lifelong. The gratitude that we offer to each and every experience is an important element. And as I reflect upon my journey so far, I can honestly say my offerings of gratitude have become greater.

Someone asked me not so long ago, "How is it you do what you do?" My response was quite simple really. I am who am I today because I finally feel connected to the real me. I no longer live a life that conforms to the expectations of society, whatever they may be. I have chosen to be true to myself, and recognise and appreciate my journey and experiences in life so far.

I have met so many incredibly amazing people in my 37 years of life. Some of whom I have lost contact with. Others I have had a falling out with. Some who are appreciated acquaintances. And others who will forever hold a very special piece of my heart that continue to journey with me. I have experienced the most loving of moments that make my whole heart beam. And I have faced the most torturous, debilitating experiences a mother can have. All of this however has shaped me in to being who I am today.

I am a mother, I am an educator. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a best-friend. These titles, and many more I most certainly cherish. And I feel unbelievably privileged to hold them in my life. Beyond these titles though, I am a lover of beautiful books and music. Dance runs through my veins. My passion for education, and in return being educated is endless. I love laughter and silly dad-jokes. I think being able to tell someone you love them is an invaluable opportunity that should never be missed. Expressing your gratitude and appreciation for something or someone is priceless. I welcome silence, just as much as I do the company of others.  And I believe no moment in life should ever be taken for granted.

I would like to offer you an opportunity right now to just stop and think. Deeply reflect on as many moments as you can that have crossed your path, and therefore helped shaped you to be the person that you are today. Do you honestly, and whole-heartedly believe that you are thankful for the person you are in this very moment? Are you holistically connected to yourself - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually? Do you love the person you are on this journey called life?

Whatever your answers are, they are your private and personal responses. But know that if you take this opportunity that is being given to you with an open-mind and honest heart, then your steps forward will be extremely rewarding. There will be very little commonality, if any, between my story and yours, and this is obviously due to the fact that our lives are so unique and different. But within this offer of exploration, should you so freely choose to accept it, is an overwhelming and powerful sense of peace for you to graciously embrace. One that I am sure you have not ever experienced before.

This inward, soul-searching journey can at times be confronting. It can often raise emotions which you might not understand, or want to experience. There will be moments where you will want to quit, and quite possibly regret embarking on the journey to begin with. But these are the moments that will offer you the greatest lessons of all. These are the moments that will empower you to connect and flourish in mind, body and soul. 

Be patient. Be kind to yourself. Stay strong. Acknowledge and freely accept each moment for what it is, and what it brings. Keep your mind open, and let your heart be free. Learning to love from within, and be accepting of the true, unique, wonderful person that you are is the greatest gift you can give yourself.



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