Tell me why I love you..

I experienced a moment with my son a couple of days ago that will live me for the rest of my life. This is a story that I feel compelled to share with you, and I encourage you to do the same.

As I pottered around the kitchen not long after having finished our breakfast, Julian approached me, and out of nowhere, asked for a hug. Naturally, I dropped what I was doing, looked down at his smiling face, and graciously smiled back. We opened up our arms to each other, and I picked him up. 

As he wrapped his little arms and legs around my body, he puckered his lips and gently kissed my cheek. I squeezed him tightly, and my heart skipped a beat. It was at that exact moment that I needed him to know why I love him so much.

So I pried his little body away from mine, and sat him on the bench top to look him directly in the eye, and asked him the following question....

"Baby....Why do I love you so much?"

As gazed right at me, his response very expected. "Because you're my mamma." "Yes baby.  I am your mamma!" I said with a beaming smiling. "But can you tell me a reason WHY I love you so much?" I replied. "Because...I'm your son!" He responded proudly. "Yes bubba. You are my son! And I am your mamma. But I love you for so many reasons. Try and think sweetheart...why do you think I love you?"

Now might I add at this point, that my Julian has just turned 7. After a few moments of this conversation going back and forth, he's starting to look a little confused. So I decided to end the topic of conversation with a big kiss and one last cuddle, and watched him toddled off to play.

It was in that very moment as I watched him leave, that I realised what I had done.

I consciously realised that I had given my 7 year old son the opportunity to deeply reflect upon who he is as a person. I offered him the opportunity to recognise his own strengths and positive attributes and qualities that makes him who he is in this world by asking him a very precise question.

Feeling instantly elated, I walked in to my daughters room to ask her the same question. 

Now Georgia is 10, and was naturally able to analyse my question a little more deeply. However, as many a pre-tween might do, initially responded with a question back to me. "Mum, why are you asking me why you love me?" I smiled and grabbed her hand to reassure her that nothing was wrong, and explained to her that I was simply curious to see if she knew why I love her.

My moment with Georgia proceeded with such an intense energy of connectedness. Driven by positive thinking and love, she went on a journey of deep exploration to consciously find within herself, all the reasons why I love her. And after a few responses, she began to smile. At first, a little awkwardly, but then it became a smile of relief. In her own little way, she realised that I had given her the chance to speak about all the amazing parts of herself that she doesn't give enough attention to. I gave her the opportunity to be proud of who she is, and the remarkable young lady she is growing up to be.

This unexpected conversation that began with Julian sparked something within me. As a mother, I want nothing more in this life than to see my children grow and flourish in to happy, healthy, grounded people, who strive every day to be the best versions of themselves. But beyond this, I also want them to be able to consciously acknowledge and accept the intrinsic and unique qualities that they have been blessed with that make them the wonderful humans that they are. I want them to know that they have so much to offer in this life, and that they can leave a positive impact on the world.

I have now made a promise to myself to ask, not only my children, but everyone I love, the same powerful question. And I now challenge you to do the same!

I encourage you to embrace that exact moment when you finish asking them this very precise question, the energy that is created between you. Be thankful for the opportunity of offering to someone you love a moment of conscious thinking, and in return, smile at the reaction and response you receive. This moment is a gift. A gift of empowerment. A gift of conscious awareness. A gift that allows the person you love to take complete ownership of who they are as a person, and be incredibly proud. A gift that is given directly from the heart because you are so connected to that person that you want nothing but the absolute best for them. A gift that you can give another person that comes from a place of genuine love.

A moment like this is irreplaceable, and it is priceless. By accepting this challenge, you are inevitably creating memories that will be remembered and cherished forever. Whatever you do, don't hold back on giving the people you love in life this gift.



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